Abdulholik Gijduvoniy

Scriptwriters– Sadriddin salim Buhoriy, J.Holmuminov Director – А.Gamirov A documentary film about the life and work of the scientist is devoted to the 915th anniversary of Abdulkholiq Gijduvani.

Sword of truth

Scripteriters– I.Daminov, F.Alimardonov Director– М.Korabayev Filmstudio: "Docuimentary film studio" One of the greatest figures in theology, Abu al-Mu'een al-Nasafi, who played an important role in the spread of the...

From the history of the film «No sound movie of Uzbekistan

Scriptwriter – E. Аbbosov The film is about the history of national cinema, in which the story of the creation of the Uzbek "mute" films

Under the unified sky

Filmstudio: Scriptwriter and director- J. Ishako Docuimentary film studio The film tells about the relationships between the brotherly Uzbek-Tajik people and the relations of the Commonwealth with the example of...

Sayid Rizo Alizoda

Filmstudio: "Scientific-popular, documentary" Scriptwriter: Saydi Umirov Director: Murod Odilov Camera: Аnvarhon Kasimov The Samarkand thinker (nationalist), the legislator, author of about 500 works by Sayyid Riza Alizoda, who is fluent in 14...


Filmstudio: "Scientific-popular, documentary" Sriptwriter: К.Shamsiddinov Director: М.Оdilov  The calligraphy art, its developing stages, and the veneration and splendour during the Temurids’ era

Hasanboy Dustmatov

Filmstudio: "Scientific-popular,documentary" Scriptwriter: D.Turdiboyeva Director: R.Rаldugina Camera: B.Kodirov The success story of "Uzbekistan Iftihori", the winner of the first gold medal at the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro...

King of the maccom

Filmstudio: "Scientific-popular, documentary" Scripwriter: S.Begmatov Director: А.Мignarov Camera: А.Аrzilulov The film was created for the 100th anniversary of the National Artist of Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan and Turkmenistan Komiljon Otaniyazov. Duration: 26 minutes

Charming world of dance

Filmstudio: "Uzbekfilm" Scriptwriter: R.Mergenbayeva. Director: R.Мirdadayev Producer: Sh.Мahmudov It is about Uzbek dance art and its schools. In particular, the film features the national dances of Fergana, Khorezm, Bukhara and...

My capital –Nukus

Filmstudio: "Karakalpak" Scriptwriters: B.Madiyorov Director: B.Boymurzayev The film is dedicated to the unprecedented changes in Nukus after being independent Duration: 26 minutes

By order of the heart Hoja Ubaydulloh Ahror

Filmstudio: "Scientific-popular, documentary" Film makers:  Scriptwriter– G.Musajonova Director – J.Kosimov The film tells about Hazrat Ubaydullah Ahror and their beloved student Mavlono Sheikh Said Hoja Nuriddin Tashkandi Duration: 13 minutes  

The miraculous talent

Film studio "Scientific- popular, documentary" Scriptwriter – Sh.Ganiyeva Director - Sh.Mahmudov The film is dedicated to the life and work of famous painter Javlon Umarbekov. Duration: 26 minutes

Shakhrisabz- ancient, unique, young

Sriptwriters – М. Tuychiyev  Director – N.Abbosov A series of stories about the oldest and most popular cities in Uzbekistan, featuring the Oskaroy complex. Duration: 26 minutes


Scriptwriters – M.Muminova, R.Sadiyev Camera–R.Sadiyev This film is a logical continuation of Baron's feature film about the hero Jahongir's commitment to international drug trafficking and terrorism.