The screenplay by Fakhriddin Nizamov, Jahongir Kasimov
Directed by Jahongir Kasimov
Director of photography Rustam Murodov
Production designer Alisher Umurzakov
Music by “Omnibus” ensemble.



The story of a provincial girl named Nazira, who after unsuccessful marriage leaves her home village and comes to city to survive.

Over the years of hard work and entrepreneurship, she becomes the head of a big private company and one of the first entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan among the women. When all financial difficulties remain in the past and finally a stable life must begin, she becomes a victim of a conspiracy of dishonest officials.

Nazira once again accepts the challenge of fate and take an unequal battle with corruption in the face of insidious officials.

The action in film occurs from the end of the 50s of the last century to the present times.

Genre: drama

Length: 2h 40min.

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