The film tells about the tragedy and sufferings of a person who participated in the war of Afghan and when he returned he started living to take a revenge on his friend’s murderer.Karakalpakstan, 1989.50 year-old Seidulla- former captain of Soviet Army, who served in Afghanistan, then retired.  He lives alone in a small house. The only friend of him is a dog Ranbo. He works as a teacher of physical training in a local school.Seidulla has a son and a grandson who live in the same village. But his son doesn’t communicate with him and even doesn’t let him to communicate with his grandson. Seidulla’s fellow-clerk captain Sharap Abishev often comes to meet him and he hasn’t changed ever since — at the same field form, with gun.There is no water at the school where Seidulla works. Water is the problem of the whole region. Head master Azira Naurizovna tries to supply school with water but she is week in front of the army of venal officials…