Abdulholik Gijduvoniy

Scriptwriters– Sadriddin salim Buhoriy, J.Holmuminov Director – А.Gamirov A documentary film about the life and work of the scientist is devoted to the 915th anniversary of Abdulkholiq Gijduvani.

Sayid Rizo Alizoda

Filmstudio: "Scientific-popular, documentary" Scriptwriter: Saydi Umirov Director: Murod Odilov Camera: Аnvarhon Kasimov The Samarkand thinker (nationalist), the legislator, author of about 500 works by Sayyid Riza Alizoda, who is fluent in 14...

From the history of the film «No sound movie of Uzbekistan

Scriptwriter – E. Аbbosov The film is about the history of national cinema, in which the story of the creation of the Uzbek "mute" films


In Central Asia, particularly at the territory of Uzbekistan were grown up several scientists who made their contribution in world science and were the...